Hambach forest poli party - the Black Lodge

It's getting colder and colder, the nights are getting longer. But somewhere out in the night, people are partying. Have a damn good cup of coffee, and dance away. Egdol kcalb eht ot emoc!

The Black Lodge is a solidarity dance party with a surrealistic Twin Peaks theme. We're raising money for the Hambach Forest occupation.  [node:read-more:link]

Basta: The EU-Turkey Deal: Is this a solution for the migration crisis?

The European Union is trying “control” the current refugee influx in Europe and does so by using many different tools. Older tools for example are the requirement of a Visa or the founding of Frontex. A more recent tool has been the new agreement between the EU and Turkey. [node:read-more:link]

TranScreen film festival

TranScreen, the famous transgender film festival, comes back to Nijmegen this year. The collaboration between the TranScreen group and the Trangendergroup Nijmegen will bring you a day full of trans* movies and discussions. On Saturday, 28th May, with two afternoon short films sessions and a movie in the evening. Have a look at the program:


All movies are free, so be there Saturday May 28th, from 14.30 at the Klinker, van Broeckhuysenstraat 46, Nijmegen.

Met afterparty in de Onderbroek!


Openavond AGN - Nieuwjaarsborrel en launch inBeweging #7

Woensdagavond 13 januari organiseren we met de Anarchistische Groep Nijmegen (AGN) een openavond waarop we de nieuwe inBeweging - magazine van de AGN - lanceren. We willen deze avond met lezers en belangstellenden in gesprek over de onderwerpen die in deze InBeweging worden behandeld. Tevens willen we met deze activiteit het nieuwe jaar inluiden als nieuwjaarsborrel en mensen in de gelegenheid stellen om met ons in contact te komen.

Je kunt een kopie van de inBeweging in Nijmegen vinden in de Grote Broek, en in andere steden als Amsterdam in het Fort van Sjakoo, de anarchistische bieb de Bollox en de Vrankrijk, in Den Haag in het Autonoom Centrum en in Groningen in oa. boekhandel Rosa en het Sociaal Centrum Groningen.

Komende weken gaan we de inBeweging ook  op straat verspreiden. Maandag 4 januari zullen we daarbij in Nijmegen de verschillende wijkcentra aan doen en op zaterdag 9 januari zullen we stand draaien in de dorpskern van Cuijck waar die dag mogelijk ook een (extreem)rechtse betoging zal zijn tegen vluchtelingen. Wil je meehelpen met de verspreiding van de inBeweging, stuur ons dan een mail via onze contactpagina.

De avond begint om 20:30 in de Klinker (van Broeckhuysenstraat 46, Nijmegen). Vooraf is er soepcafé vanaf 19:00.

(English below) [node:read-more:link]

Hand in hand against the politics of divide-and-conquer

How society is being set up against the refugees

Since this summer, when refugees started coming to the Netherlands again, the outcry that there is really no place for them here – or, even worse, that there is no space anymore because of them – is becoming louder and louder. Especially the latter you hear being said about social housing, but it also goes for public healthcare. However, what we have actually seen over the last decade is that political parties across the whole spectrum have contributed to the sell-out of public services – from the PvdA (social democrats) to the VVD (liberals), from the PVV (nationalist liberals) to GroenLinks (‘left’ liberals). Instead of forming a united front against those who are responsible for this sell out, we are being played out against each other in the irrationality of the moment: people are fighting one another for the leftover crumbs. [node:read-more:link]

Lezing: the university as a commons

What is a university for? What can a society expect from its universities? Willem Hallfmann will argue that a university is best seen as an organic, growing, digesting archive of knowledge and that this archive can best be organized as a commons. The presentation will be followed by a discussion about the current protests, in particular the role of H.NU (Hervorming Nederlandse Universiteiten - movement for the reform of Dutch universities)

The lecture will be in English
Collegezalencomplex 5, Mercatorpad 1, Nijmegen

Benefit for anarchist local 'Magdalena' Madrid, Spain

Donderdag 4 december / 19:00 uur
Joe's Garage (Pretoriusstraat 43, Amsterdam)


Met eten, de korte documentaire "Anarchism in Madrid" van Mark Bray, een praatje over Magdalena en live muziek van Almudena y Davide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZAfWLAoTa8.  De voertaal zal Engels zijn.

[English] [node:read-more:link]

ABC-Nijmegen and the AGN set up a soli-campaign for Jock Palfreeman

Anarchist Black Cross Nijmegen (ABC-Nijmegen) and the Anarchist Group Nijmegen (AGN) are starting a solidarity campaign for Jock Palfreeman.

While writing, Jock Palfreeman is already more then 5 years imprisoned in Sofia, Bulgaria for aiding two young Romani-boys when they were under attack from a group of right-wing hooligans. Palfreeman came into a fight with the group of fascists and two of his attackers got injured of whom one died later from his injuries. [node:read-more:link]

Anarchist history in Mexico - A talk

An anarchist comrade from Mexico who is currently doing research at the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam, is so frendly to do a talk about the history of the anarchist movement in Mexico. His talk will start from the text below:

At the beginnings of 1907, in Los Ángeles City, California, in one of her countless reading tours about anarchism and literature, Emma Goldman met some Mexican revolutionaries. They, who edited a small newspaper in that city called Revolución, were very persuasive. [node:read-more:link]