About the Anarchist Group Nijmegen

The Anarchist Group Nijmegen (AGN) is a group of people who came together to study and discuss anarchist/libertarian-socialist theory and practice. We try to learn from this, give tendencies and feelings a place and to see how this theory could help in our own practice, dealing with situations and forming vision. This with the aim of bettering our own organisational structures and the way we work together.

The AGN tries to give the anarchist ideology a place in our daily lives by trying to stimulate our mutual solidarity, sister- and brotherhood and working towards a world without class-differences and where people are organised on a horizontal non-hierarchic way.

The group is foremost, not an action-group, but a group which tries to be a platform with the aim of improving our actions and spreading anarchist theory and praxis. Next to this theoretical part, we also organise info-evenings, cooking-projects, benefitevents, writing-evenings to (political) prisoners, etcetera: to bring theory into practiceourselves. Next to that, we recently started with a book-distro. With this travelling bookshop we try to make anarchist literature available. We have a varia of (anarchist) books and pamphlets, some of them are published by AGN, which are mostly in Dutch.

International contact

Altough the AGN tries to make most of their publications and its website in Dutch to have an as low as possible barier for people who visit the website, we do speak English. If you - as an international group or individual - wish to get in contact with us this is no problem.

Just go to our contact page and fill out the form.