Hand in hand against the politics of divide-and-conquer

How society is being set up against the refugees

Since this summer, when refugees started coming to the Netherlands again, the outcry that there is really no place for them here – or, even worse, that there is no space anymore because of them – is becoming louder and louder. Especially the latter you hear being said about social housing, but it also goes for public healthcare. However, what we have actually seen over the last decade is that political parties across the whole spectrum have contributed to the sell-out of public services – from the PvdA (social democrats) to the VVD (liberals), from the PVV (nationalist liberals) to GroenLinks (‘left’ liberals). Instead of forming a united front against those who are responsible for this sell out, we are being played out against each other in the irrationality of the moment: people are fighting one another for the leftover crumbs. [node:read-more:link]