Basta: The EU-Turkey Deal: Is this a solution for the migration crisis?

The European Union is trying “control” the current refugee influx in Europe and does so by using many different tools. Older tools for example are the requirement of a Visa or the founding of Frontex. A more recent tool has been the new agreement between the EU and Turkey.

The EU-Turkey, signed on the 18th of March, was presented as the solution for the refugees "crisis". It would supposedly stop the deadly boat trips refugees were willing to take and thus control the amount of refugees coming to Europe. However a deeper look into it, as well as these two months it has been in place for, make it look like more of problem than a solution for the refugees.

That is why in this Basta we will analyze the EU-Turkey deal in depth. We will also use it as an example for a broader look into the effects and consequences of border control.

These are the questions we will answer:

  • What are the consequences of the EU-turkey deal?
  • What role did the Netherlands play in this?
  • Are there any precedents of this deal?

Speakers to be announced soon! More info:

Date: 2 June at 19:30
Location: De Kargadoor, Oudegracht 36, 3511 AP Utrecht

Hosted by Kritische Studenten Utrecht (