Hambach forest poli party - the Black Lodge

It's getting colder and colder, the nights are getting longer. But somewhere out in the night, people are partying. Have a damn good cup of coffee, and dance away. Egdol kcalb eht ot emoc!

The Black Lodge is a solidarity dance party with a surrealistic Twin Peaks theme. We're raising money for the Hambach Forest occupation. 
"Hambach forest is an old growth forest in the west of Germany. Everything that has evolved here over thousands of years is now being destroyed to make space for a continually expanding lignite coal mine. For decades people have been resisting this profit driven destruction and for five years the forest is occupied with treehouses." For more information, go to www.hambachforest.org

To help raise money for the Hambi occupation you can make a voluntary donation at the door, and we wil also sell delicious vegan cherry pie :)

for more info go to the facebook event page