[Amsterdam] Amsterdam Tattoo Circus - benefiet gevangenenondersteuning

The Tattoo Circus is a DIY organized festival against repression and imprisonment. The Tattoo Circus began 2007 in Rome and since then activists from all around Europe (Barcelona, London, Thessaloniki, Bern, Athens, Madrid, Basel, Berlin… etc) took on the concept for supporting those people who can’t be among us. We are happy that this event will take place in Amsterdam as well and are sure it´s going to be an inspiring festival.

The idea behind this solidarity event is to create a space where tattoo culture and political involvement come together. Several tattoo artists will provide their creativity, experience and as much ink as possible, in order to support the anti-prison struggle and to become a part of it. The principle of the Tattoo Circus is that nobody earns anything from this event, neither the tattooists, nor the piercers, the bands, performers or speakers, and the complete proceeds will go to those people who fight against the state and capitalism. The AGN will be presenting a bookstall at this event. There will also be the possibility to write to prisoners.

As opposed to some established conventions, Tattoo Circus takes place in a non-competitive, non-commercial an non-hierarchical atmosphere and entrance is free for everyone.

Solidarity is a weapon. Until every prison is empty. For a society without prisons and repression!

15 & 16 oktober
Plantage Doklaan 8-12. Amsterdam