ABC-Nijmegen stopt er mee

Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) Nijmegen houd er mee op. De gevangenenondersteuningsgroep die ooit begon als een werkgroep van de AGN, stopt na 5 jaar diens activiteiten. 5 jaren van ondersteuning, creëeren van bewustzijn, theoretische verdieping en het opbouwen van kennis over het gevangeniswezen in Nederland en elders, zijn geen verloren jaren. We hebben altijd nauw samengewerkt met ABC-Nijmegen en omdat we als de AGN grote waarde hechten aan de ondersteuning van onze gevangen kameraden zullen we ons moeten beraden hoe we ondersteuning vorm zullen geven.

ABC-Nijmegen, bedankt voor julle inspanning en tot op de barrikades! Hieronder het statement zoals die te lezen op de website van ABC-Nijmegen:

We decided to call it quits

Dear all,

As you might have noticed, the activity of Anarchist Black Cross Nijmegen was close to zero in the last few months. And unfortunately we decided to keep it this way. For a couple of years we tried our best to be an active group dealing with prisoner support and prison struggle in our own way. We organized countless of writing evenings, a bunch of info nights, quite some benefit parties and concerts and wrote & translated a lot of articles and zines. As a group and individually we grew a lot practically and theoretically, especially during our meetings and discussion days or when we would just hang out as friends. We are just as passionate about taking down the prison system as we were when we started with this collective in 2007, but unfortunately we had to acknowledge that everyone in ABC Nijmegen is simply too busy with other stuff to still run a group like this properly; which was a difficult realization for all of us. So yeah, we decided to call it quits. This website will still be online, because there is just too much information on here to take it down. Our email-address won’t be checked anymore though.

In the meantime, individually we will all deal with prison abolition in our own ways. And maybe, new collectives and initiatives will pop up in the near future. It’s too bad that we aren’t able to keep ABC Nijmegen going, but luckily there are many ways to fight. So don’t forget, we’re still not lovin’ prison and never will…

With love & rage, and we’ll see you around!

Everyone from Anarchist Black Cross Nijmegen