[Thessaloniki,GR]Second Euro-Mediterranian conference on workers selfmangement

"...a space of encounter, discussion and reflection on the challenges faced by workers in their efforts to self-manage the means of production..."

From Argentina and Brazil to Turkey and Kurdistan, despite any cultural and social differences, occupied factories and work collectives represent an act of resistance against the depreciation of labour power and the destruction of productive structures, a response to unemployment and marginalisation; at the same time they help flesh out a proposal for the construction of a different economy, alternative to the capitalist mode: a workers’ economy. This is a form of activity based on self-management and aims to defend the interests of those who live off their work. Such experiences may include recuperated factories,  worker cooperatives, solidarity clinics, forms of collaborative economy and other struggles for self-organization of work and self-management of the economy.

The vibrant movements that accompany and support these endeavours challenge the dominance of the market’s “invisible hand”, and unambiguously put forth the questions: What are we producing? How are we producing it? For whom are we producing it? Through horizontal processes, the entire society can become a participant in the production and distribution of the wealth that society itself produces. Thus, direct democracy, workers’ and social control and self-management cease to be abstract concepts, and become instruments of recovering our dignity, preserving our livelihoods and creating different social and economic relations.

October 28th, 29th, 30th - 2016
Vio.Me., Thessaloniki, Greece

For more info: http://euromedworkerseconomy.net/