Seminar 'Breaking male dominance everywhere #?!'

Organized by the hotspot Gender and Power in Politics and Management.

Has male dominance in political life been broken? Will gender balance in academia soon be reached? Have women made it to the top of business organizations? Are women in power? What are innovative models of breaking male dominance in these three areas?

This seminar analyses the development of women’s power and the degree of gender equality in politics, academia and business, learning from different disciplinary approaches to improve the quality of our research and our societies.

Thursday 26 September 2013
13:00 to 17:15
Villa Oud Heyendaal, René Descartesdreef 21 Nijmegen (Grote Zaal)

Drude Dahlerup (Stockholm University, Sweden), Inge Bleijenbergh and Marieke van den Brink (Radboud University Nijmegen)

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