Response to sexual violence & community accountability

A workshop about response to sexual violence and community accountability will be held in the anarchist library.

A few words about the group

We wish that we can tell you we will stop sexual assaults in our communities. We wish that we can tell you that if you’ve been harmed we can make all bad feelings disappear. We wish that we can tell you that we can change the world in a second. Unfortunately we can not. But what we can say is that we can try and keep on trying until it makes any difference.

SOLI group is a group of people who want to end the silence around the existence of sexual assaults in our communities. Silence which is created by assumption that we are all to radical for coercion and abuse. Silence which gets every day more and more deafening by discarding it as a not “top priority” problem. Cops are and always will be assholes, capitalism should be destroyed but in the midst of it all, our friends, comrades and lovers should be kept and appreciated.

As a first step, still learning and informing ourselves, we want to spread awareness about constant occurrence of sexually abusive behavior around us. We hope that focusing on wider consciousness concerning sex related topics and interpersonal communication is a tangible enough start. Henceforth, we can work towards offering more help to survivors of sexual assaults, communities facing initial shock and changes when a member is being called out for causing harm and give a hand in forming accountability processes for perpetrators.

So, at the moment we are more than willing to share any informations and knowledge we have on this subject. By means of sole forwarding literature or links by email or by giving a workshop at your social center, we are open to any questions or requests.

Time: 28 march / 16:00
Location: Bollox, Eerste Schinkelstraat 14, Amsterdam
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