Just do It! Open DIY action group

Every seed has the potential to grow a flower…

Who controls your dreams?

Teachers control what we have to think and write about, governments decide what’s aloud and for whom. Insurance companies decide whether we qualify for medical treatments. The fashion industry determines what our bodies should look like and media sells us their biased image of the world. Employment agencies control our working situations, city officials decide between which ugly pieces of concrete we have to live our daily lives. It’s all about control; about whether you are in- or excluded.

How did this happen? When did we lose control over our lives, our environments?

How can we take back control? Where do we start? We do not know the best answers to these questions, but this doesn’t have to stop us.

So let’s take back the streets, this is where we live our lives, this our city! Let’s be creative and plant some beauty.


What? Well that is what we decide! We’ll raise issues that are important to us, because what feels important to you should be important for all of us. We’ll be creative, we’ll be positive, we’ll be unstoppable.

When? Every 4th Wednesday of the month, first we’ll prepare what we’ll need and then it’s time for action! Let’s cheer up this city!

Where? Preparations and gathering in the Klinker, 21:00, after soepcafe. Van Broekhuysenstraat 46

How? For this first edition material will be prepared. So just bring yourself, your friends and your good spirits.